Corporate Fitness

Employee group fitness training

Sessions and full-day events can be held onsite at your location – before / after work / lunchtime or offsite outdoors in LA at your team building and company picnics / events or at Box N Burn Gym, Brentwood.

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Breakfast Club

Lunch Session

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Team Building

Company Picnic

Exec Offsites


We come to you!

We supply all the equipment needed for onsite classes, you just have to provide the location indoors or outdoors.

We mix-up conditioning training with fun boxing for fitness mitt work and interval training to keep your employees motivated.

Workouts are for all fitness levels and ages.

Functional fitness exercises train and develop muscles to make it easier and safer to perform everyday activities.

We also offer private 1-on-1 training sessions for busy execs at the office.

Having a company picnic or team building event? Group fitness classes build camaraderie and trust.

We are a great addition to your company health and wellness incentive program.

Healthy and satisfied employees don’t quit your company and they are more productive!

Camaraderie among co-workers helps team building efforts.

For $1 dollar invested in wellness programs yields $6 in health care savings for your company!  Healthy employees have less lost work days and less medical claims which reduces your corporate health care costs. There are tax incentives and grants available for companies that offer employee wellness incentives.

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Stephen Cain, Box N Burn Gym Brentwood, 11980 San Vicente Blvd #106, Los Angeles, 90049