Working on Effective Mass in LA with Pro Boxer Mick Conlan

IRISH HERO, Olympic/undefeated pro boxer @mickconlan11 Michael Conlan training with Stephen Cain.

The video takes place indoors at the Box N Burn gym in Brentwood, California. Mick is ruthless in the gym, here he’s training for his six-round featherweight fight with Alfredo Chanez on May 26, 2017. It was Mick’s second pro fight.


Mick won!

Mick took on Chanez from the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, Illinois and scored his second straight win as a pro, TKO-ing Chanez, who quit.  Watch fight highlights in the video below.

Benefits of Effective Mass Training

A boxer’s punch needs to be hard. A hard punch occurs when he’s able to generate a lot of force in a short space of time, this is called – rate of force development – which is better known as ‘hand speed’. 

At impact, a hard punch has a lot of ‘snap’. To get snap you’ll need to create something called ‘effective mass’.

The ‘snap’ of a punch requires the whole body to stiffen up upon impact.

When you combine this with how quickly you generate force in a punch, you create impulse (the effect of a force acting over a period of time), with more impulse you can you change the momentum of another object.

The landmine punch with isometric hold really encourages your fighter to get whole body tension at different stages of a punch therefore your fighter will become a stronger and faster puncher.

If something has a lot of momentum it is usually large (like a bus) or it is small but has a lot speed (like a ball). You can make a punch harder by generating more momentum.

Unless a boxer is a heavyweight it’s difficult to gain momentum by using their weight, so for lighter boxers the key is to improve their speed which can improve momentum.

 Momentum = mass of an object (weight)  x  its velocity (speed)

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Stephen Cain, Box N Burn Gym Brentwood, 11980 San Vicente Blvd #106, Los Angeles, 90049