Explosive Fitness podcast

Stephen Cain’s Explosive Fitness podcast is all about fitness and sports performance training. Informative and entertaining, with great guests, and life and fitness tips. Stephen also films a video of the podcast (often from the Santa Monica and Venice, California boardwalk) which is posted on YouTube.

Episode 1

I share my story, from my beginnings as a pro soccer player in England, retiring early due to injury, reinventing myself, and my move to sunny LA as a personal trainer. LISTEN NOW to get an introduction to me!

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Episode 2

Tony Jeffries, Olympic boxer and co-owner of the Box N Burn gyms in California, shares his marketing expertise and the importance of social media for brands. LISTEN NOW to get his great tips!

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Episode 3



Listen to the podcast I participated in on the Box N Burn Podcast - Improve Your Speed & Agility

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