Sports Performance Training

Elite athlete training program

Increase your speed, agility, and power
so you perform better competitively in your sport,
it could be the difference in winning or losing!

My conditioning coaching develops power, hand, foot and running speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, reflexes and reaction time. Ensures optimal performance preseason, in-season, and off-season, I combine innovative approaches to training with traditional conditioning methods to safely progress athletes of all abilities to their desired goals.

You’ll be faster and more explosive on the court, track, field, or in the ring!

1-on-1 sports training at Box N Burn Gym

$170 for 60 minutes or $85 for 30 mins.

$800 for 5 hour pack

$1,500 for 10 hour pack

1-on-1 sports training at your location/beach

$200 for 60 minutes + travel time

I will come any Los Angeles area location

I also offer small group training classes (2-10 athletes)

$90 for 60 minutes or $45 for 30 mins.

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TESTIMONIAL: Stephen is a great coach, I’ve been training with Stephen since January and he has been a big help for my physical conditioning and strength. He’s very easy to work with and has great people skills, I look forward to continuing training with him as he plays a key role in improving me as an all around boxer.

Michael Conlan

Professional Boxer

Training Champion Boxers to Improve their Speed & Agility

Callum Johnson – Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist: Lt Heavyweight Champion Boxer @callumtheone

Scott Quigg – Professional boxer. Former Undefeated British super Bantamweight champion and former WBA World Super Bantamweight champion. @scottquigg

Liam “Beefy” Smith – Professional boxer, British & Commonwealth Champion, Former WBO WORLD CHAMPION @liambeefysmith

Michael Conlan Professional boxer – Former Amateur Commonwealth, European and World Champion. Olympic Bronze Medalist @mickconlan11

Athletes of all levels will improve their performance with my sports conditioning program

Current clients include high school and college athletes, amateur and pro MMA fighters, boxers, soccer players, dancers and more. 

A well conditioned athlete will perform better, have increased stamina and endurance, be stronger, jump higher, move faster, have increased agility, and have a lower injury risk. 

Agility and speed drills develop quick-twitch muscle fibers that help you move quickly and change direction with more quickly and with ease, improve your reaction time and improve your breakaway speed. The drills keep you quick on on your toes physically and as sharp as a tack mentally.

You’ll be faster and more explosive on the court, track, field, or in the ring!

Example conditioning drills at the gym, beach, and track field:

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